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We are looking for people!

We are looking for people!

Hey guys,

the company I am working for is looking for awesome Engineers. If you love the backend as much as I do you should consider checking it out :-). (Click on the link -> Scroll down a bit -> You’re there! )

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OpenSource OpenGL 2D RPG Engine (iPhone)

April 10, 2012 8 comments

Hey guys,

if you are following this blog long enough than you surely know that I was writing a 2D RPG Engine about 9 months ago. Well, i stopped the project at the end of last year due to more interesting stuff but had a lot of questions in the last time if I couldn’t make it available for the community.

So here we go.. Download the Engine Source code here:

READ THIS: – The code is by NO MEANS perfect. It was the first time that I approached a big project like this, so stuff is sometimes a bit messy. Especially the implementation of the script engine is nothing i am proud of but ok 🙂 I think for learning purposes it is pretty good. The engine can render up to 3000×3000 tiles on 60 fps on a ipod 4th gen.. That is quite powerful 🙂

Okidok! Have fun..

P.S. The source code for the Level Editor written in Cocoa and C++ will be online next week! Stay tuned 🙂

CCX Extensions

Hey guys. I was pretty irritated by the fact that there was no NSNumber style class in cocos2dx. This made it impossible to use CCDictionary to transport ints and doubles.

To solve it, I wrote a small template class which is based on CCObject and can be used smoothly with CCDictionary and CCArray.


CCX Extensions


 CCXNumber<unsigned long long> *veryLong = CCXNumber<unsigned long long>::numberWithValue(13013123.2312132);

myCoolDict->setObject(veryLong, "key");


CCXNumber<unsigned long long> *storedLong = static_cast<CCXNumber<unsigned long long> *>(myCoolDict->objectForKey("key"));

CCLog("%llu", storedLong->getValue());

Have fun