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We are looking for people!

We are looking for people!

Hey guys,

the company I am working for is looking for awesome Engineers. If you love the backend as much as I do you should consider checking it out :-). (Click on the link -> Scroll down a bit -> You’re there! )

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C++ WebSocket server – Source-Code released

Hey folks,

I open sourced my C++ WebSocket Server implementation. It is a pretty basic C++11 server running on POSIX/MacOSX systems. It supports the most recent WebSocket implementation and works fine with Chrome/Safari and Firefox. Windows is not supported on purpose.

It was an awesome learning process to write it and I learned so much about HTML etc, that I can suggest for anyone who is interested in low level network programming to do the same.

The server supports MYSQL, JSON and runs on multiple threads. So quite cool 🙂

The read loop is not yet finished tho.. If you for example stream a big video file, the current thread will be blocked until it is received. That is a no-go and i am working on fixing it!

The runloop is based on select (shame on me i know) and uses the same principle NodeJS uses for example. One steady loop with event callbacks.

Check it out:—Websocket-Server