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We are looking for people!

We are looking for people!

Hey guys,

the company I am working for is looking for awesome Engineers. If you love the backend as much as I do you should consider checking it out :-). (Click on the link -> Scroll down a bit -> You’re there! )

(If this link doesnt get displayed click on the title of the blog post)



C++ WebSocket server – Source-Code released

Hey folks,

I open sourced my C++ WebSocket Server implementation. It is a pretty basic C++11 server running on POSIX/MacOSX systems. It supports the most recent WebSocket implementation and works fine with Chrome/Safari and Firefox. Windows is not supported on purpose.

It was an awesome learning process to write it and I learned so much about HTML etc, that I can suggest for anyone who is interested in low level network programming to do the same.

The server supports MYSQL, JSON and runs on multiple threads. So quite cool 🙂

The read loop is not yet finished tho.. If you for example stream a big video file, the current thread will be blocked until it is received. That is a no-go and i am working on fixing it!

The runloop is based on select (shame on me i know) and uses the same principle NodeJS uses for example. One steady loop with event callbacks.

Check it out:—Websocket-Server

2D Level Editor released

August 4, 2012 7 comments

Hey Folks,

i finally released the level editor for my 2D RPG Engine. It is written in C++ and Objective C. The rendering engine is OpenGL (nearly the same as in the 2D RPG Engine) but the interface is 100% Cocoa.

Interested? Visit: and clone!


Short update


i know it was quite calm the last 2 month on my blog. The reason for that is that we had an awful huge amount of work at work to do. Deadline after deadline after deadline. But nevertheless I focused on game development in my free time and have quite some nice stuff in the pipeline.

More info on that will come soon. I also planned to write more tutorials so keep coming back and look if there is something new. I see that I have a constant traffic due to my tutorials so the interest is there. Its just always a lot of work to write one (as most of you probably know 🙂 ).

So, see you around 🙂

P.S. The walking dead series rooocksss! 🙂 

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Happy Holidays to everybody,

I had a great year and I hope you too. I wish you all the best in your upcoming life, stay tuned and positive and get the best out of each minute you are breathing. The upcoming year is about to become pretty interesting. The world will eventually go down (or restart), the Illuminati will conquer the world (or they did already) and Michael Jackson will still be dead (which is a shame actually). I am still waiting for Zombies to be honest but ok, thats an other story.

My blog has now a constant visitors rate of 10 to 30 visitors each day and I am pretty proud of it. My RPG Engine draws a lot of attention and my tutorials too. That motivates me guys and I will keep on to blogging for at least another couple of months.. 🙂

I also have some quiet nice stuff going on in my career but i can’t tell you more than …. GAMES!!! hehe

Happy new year everybody, stay cool!


October 21, 2011 4 comments

Hey Guys,

attached a BRAND NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEO from my Game. It shows random encounter and the Turn Based Battle Engine. Until now I’ve not implemented a lot of features but time will tell.

I AM STILL LOOKING FOR PARTNERS!! The team is growing and there is already a Composer on Board, but I need still Level Designers, AI Coders, Item Scripters and A STORYWRITER!!!!

Don’t hesitate to contact me!! We can make great things together!



The BattleEngine


finally I started with the Battle Engine. I was discussing a lot with myself if I really should go for a Turn Based Battle System .. Nearly all successful RPGs out there are Action Real Time Combat with a lot of Kaboom and Kabang and so I thought i should maybe do the same.

But fuck it… My first plan was to bring the Old Feeling back, and so I will stick with it. Attached a cool Screenshot from a Combat Scene.  🙂

Tomorrow I will bring some Logic in ..