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2D Level Editor released

August 4, 2012 7 comments

Hey Folks,

i finally released the level editor for my 2D RPG Engine. It is written in C++ and Objective C. The rendering engine is OpenGL (nearly the same as in the 2D RPG Engine) but the interface is 100% Cocoa.

Interested? Visit:Β and clone!


OpenSource OpenGL 2D RPG Engine (iPhone)

April 10, 2012 8 comments

Hey guys,

if you are following this blog long enough than you surely know that I was writing a 2D RPG Engine about 9 months ago. Well, i stopped the project at the end of last year due to more interesting stuff but had a lot of questions in the last time if I couldn’t make it available for the community.

So here we go.. Download the Engine Source code here:

READ THIS:Β – The code is by NO MEANS perfect. It was the first time that I approached a big project like this, so stuff is sometimes a bit messy. Especially the implementation of the script engine is nothing i am proud of but ok πŸ™‚ I think for learning purposes it is pretty good. The engine can render up to 3000×3000 tiles on 60 fps on a ipod 4th gen.. That is quite powerful πŸ™‚

Okidok! Have fun..

P.S. The source code for the Level Editor written in Cocoa and C++ will be online next week! Stay tuned πŸ™‚

News RPG Project

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

The RPG project was a little bit quiet the last three months, but that didn’t mean that we were not working on it. The team has grown to four people and consists now of a Game Designer, an American who lives in Beijing and works there at a Chinese Game Company, a Swedish composer, who is so god damn talented that it scares me, a 2D Pixel artist from Amsterdam with an incredible talent for character design and last but not least… me, the nerdy programmer and some how manager of this all. Together we will work hard in 2012 to realize our project.

The goal for the next year is to design all the necessary production tools to develop and further to create a 2 hour long game which introduces the player to the world and the main characters. After that we will try to find a publisher! So, if you know one, let me know πŸ™‚

We have awesome ideas in our design paper right now and I can tell you, this RPG is about to become great. It will be an awful lot of work but we love what we do and that is what drives us forward.

So lets hope the world will remain after 21.12.2012 ^^


October 21, 2011 4 comments

Hey Guys,

attached a BRAND NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEO from my Game. It shows random encounter and the Turn Based Battle Engine. Until now I’ve not implemented a lot of features but time will tell.

I AM STILL LOOKING FOR PARTNERS!! The team is growing and there is already a Composer on Board, but I need still Level Designers, AI Coders, Item Scripters and A STORYWRITER!!!!

Don’t hesitate to contact me!! We can make great things together!



The BattleEngine


finally I started with the Battle Engine. I was discussing a lot with myself if I really should go for a Turn Based Battle System .. Nearly all successful RPGs out there are Action Real Time Combat with a lot of Kaboom and Kabang and so I thought i should maybe do the same.

But fuck it… My first plan was to bring the Old Feeling back, and so I will stick with it. Attached a cool Screenshot from a Combat Scene. Β πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I will bring some Logic in ..




Scripting Engine & Dialog Trees

Hey Folks,

(Nearly 800 visitors so far πŸ™‚ …)

as you now, my 2D RPG Engine is proceeding very well and I just finished some more major milestones. The scripting engine fully supports now Dialog Trees with Player Input, Global Variables (bool and int), Animations etc..

So everything you need to control whats happening on Screen.

Here are two Screenshots of how it looks like:

The first picture shows the script that gets loaded when the level start ups.. The Programmer can place TransportTile (which will teleport to new levels, Objects (in this case treasureChest) and NPCs..


It is very cool, because i can allocate the memory dynamically and then place the necessary objects in the level.


The second screenshots shows the script that gets played when the Player interacts with the Treasure Chest. You see IF Statements, playAnimations, wait etc.. Β very cool πŸ™‚

The third screenshot shows how an input Dialog looks like. I was inspired by Star OceanΒ in this scenario and I think it fits good together with the Touch Screen. The programmer can decide the amount of answers.

Well that was it for today…

Have a good time





Hey Folks,

the first Gameplay VIDEO is online and can be watched on Youtube. The Script Engine is working, Levels can be loaded and switched , NPCS can talk with the player and some of them walk around … A lot of code, beautiful outcome..

The game is doing really good and I am highly motivated to finish it … Still I Am looking for partners.. So hit me up if you want to join the team..

See the VIDEO: (It is unfortunately on HALF SPEED.. because somehow the video capturer slows down the iPhone Simulator ridiculously….)