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Scripting Engine & Dialog Trees

Hey Folks,

(Nearly 800 visitors so far 🙂 …)

as you now, my 2D RPG Engine is proceeding very well and I just finished some more major milestones. The scripting engine fully supports now Dialog Trees with Player Input, Global Variables (bool and int), Animations etc..

So everything you need to control whats happening on Screen.

Here are two Screenshots of how it looks like:

The first picture shows the script that gets loaded when the level start ups.. The Programmer can place TransportTile (which will teleport to new levels, Objects (in this case treasureChest) and NPCs..


It is very cool, because i can allocate the memory dynamically and then place the necessary objects in the level.


The second screenshots shows the script that gets played when the Player interacts with the Treasure Chest. You see IF Statements, playAnimations, wait etc..  very cool 🙂

The third screenshot shows how an input Dialog looks like. I was inspired by Star Ocean in this scenario and I think it fits good together with the Touch Screen. The programmer can decide the amount of answers.

Well that was it for today…

Have a good time




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