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iPhone RPG Map Editor / iPhone TileEngine

Hello everbody,

it has been nearly two weeks now since I updated my blog but time keeps me busy. Studies started again (for Gods sake…) and my job as an App Developer for iOS is more time consuming than the job that I had before. But I love it, so never mind.

Luckily I got now finally a MacBook Pro and some cool Devices to test my Apps on AND I am allowed to take that stuff to home. So I can use my rare Spare Time for some Hobby Projects.


The first one shows the Level Editor. It is programmed in Cocoa and OpenGL. The Core Engine runs in C++ and I use Obj C to connect with the Cocoa GUI. I learned a lot from the Old Tile Editor and now the saving process is very effective. A map makes around 12 kb now … (You can download the source to the old one, one post earlier)

The second picture shows the Game running on an iPhone Device. The character is very cool animated and can be controlled by the red arrows. Just like in this old SNES Rpgs…The Core Engine is also programmed completely in C++. I did it to be able to convert the Code easily to Android later on. Obj C is again, only used for GUI Connection with the iOS SDK. I can display 3000×3000 tiles with a framerate of 60 on an iPod touch .. that rocks…

btw.. I never thought I would say that. But Obj C rules…

That was it for today. Nearly 1 A.M. and I need sleep.



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