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The first post

Hello World,

I registered myself here because I wanted to showcase my work to the audience, to receive some feedback and hopefully find individuals who share the same visions as I do. Well, but with what shall I start? Let’s start with some complainments about the Development Tools for the Android OS.

Last week I decided to give Android a try and downloaded the SDK and everything else you need for development like Eclipse etc. Installation went fine and within an hour, everything worked perfectly. The Java SDK for Android is well explained and Tutorials are widespread on the web. Android seems to be a nice thing to develop for but the reason why I will stay with WM7 is this absolutely screwed about Emulator. Slow as hell, Android 3 nearly unloadable and after a couple of hours, the memory of my XP was screwed up.

Don’t think I just gave up. No, i tried everything. I even ran an Android OS on my VM with Linux.. was way faster, but still not a nice experience. Google should really come up with solutions to this issue. They want developers to be able to compete with the AppStore? Than give us good tools. Apple is doing fine in this case. XCode runs smoothly and besides the stupid fact that the Emulator doesn’t emulate OpenGL, it’s easy to work with it. Same goes for WM7 and Visual Studio Express.

It is the same with all this language bullshit. Sorry for that, but it makes me Angry. Java for Android, Obj-C for iOS and C# for WM7. Guys, this really sucks. But I don’t want to complain too much; if everything would work out easily, life would bore us to death right? (Addition: As i found out today, it is possible to write native code for Android and iOS. Its not very appreciated by Google or Apple but possible. This means, that together with Open GL ES, it will be possible to program multi-platform. Hell Yeah!

Well, this was it for today.. next time I will upload a game I made within one weekend. Stay tuned for the newest Zombie-Mass-Murder-Shooter on the market, including Source Code in C++.

One Love!


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